The Ultimate Spermidine Supplement Guide : What It Is, 4 Benefits, Side Effects & How To Take

There is scientific evidence to suggest that Spermidine can make you feel and look younger. Research shows that Spermidine has this effect to the extent of reducing wrinkles, enhancing memory, fighting against age-related diseases, and even improving reproductive fertility. Although the name of this supplement may raise one’s eyebrows, Spermidine is becoming recognised and accepted for its health and longevity advantages. 

Although this supplement is growing in popularity, it is likely that you’ve never heard of it before, but not to worry, this guide will provide all the information you need to know about this natural organic compound.

Table of contents

  • What is Spermidine?
  • What does Spermidine do?
  • What foods are high in Spermidine?
  • What are the benefits of supplementation?
  • What is the recommended dosage of Spermidine?
  • Spermidine FAQ

What is Spermidine?

Spermidine is an organic polyamine compound that has multiple metabolic functions. It is found in ribosomes within cells, and was initially isolated from semen, which helped create the head turning name, Spermidine. 

Spermidine is created from its precursor Putrescine, and Spermidine is the precursor for Spermine. Both of these compounds have been found to stimulate autophagy, which is the process of cleaning out damaged cells to generate newer ones.

What does Spermidine do?

As mentioned, Spermidine stimulates autophagy, enabling the body to clean out and recycle any unnecessary or damaged cells. This process has been linked to multiple potential health benefits, including fighting against cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease (1, 2), and is suggested to display anti-aging effects. 

Additionally, Autophagy allows defective mitochondria to be removed and replaced, upregulating metabolism and energy levels (3). Furthermore, polyamines like Spermidine, bind to particular molecules and enable processes, including DNA stability and cell health, growth and function. 

What foods are high in Spermidine?

There are many natural food sources of spermidine, however you will likely struggle to intake enough in your diet alone. For this reason there are Spermidine supplements that use the exact same naturally occurring molecule. Nonetheless, here are some foods that are high Spermidine;

  • Soybean 
  • Green peas
  • Legumes
  • Mushrooms
  • Green pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Cheddar Cheese

4 Spermidine Benefits

Spermidine can trigger autophagy and therefore promotes longevity and fights against the ageing of cells, supporting healthy cells, skin and brain (4).

1. Increase Lifespan & Reduce Disease Risk

Chronic disease rates are on the rise. Therefore interventions that support healthy ageing are necessary. One method that has been shown to positively impact life span and health is intermittent fasting. Spermidine is able to mimic the benefits of fasting and calorie restriction, and boost Spermine levels, which naturally declines during the ageing process. 

Spermidine mimics fasting as it induces protein deacetylation and autophagy, which supports healthy DNA function and gets rid of ageing and toxic cells. Consequently, there are studies demonstrating that Spermidine supplementation reduces the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease and neurodegeneration (5). There is also research to demonstrate that Spermidine can fight against the five of the nine hallmarks of ageing (6).

2. Improve Cognition and Memory 

The same way Spermidine helps fight against chronic disease, it can also support healthy brain function. Spermidine promotes autophagy, and this process helps get rid of amyloid-beta plaques, which are strongly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, as these proteins collect between neurons. Clinical research has demonstrated a clear correlation between Sperminide and improvements in cognitive performance in those with mild to moderate dementia (7). 

Spermidine has been demonstrated to pass the blood-brain barrier and enhance the function of the hippocampus and mitochondria. Results from a study show that Spermidine is able to enhance cognition largely by supporting mitochondrial and autophagic function. This large scale prospective study correlates higher Spermidine intake with reduced risk of cognitive impairment (8). 

3. Promote a more youthful appearance

As Spermidine promotes autophagy and has anti-ageing properties, it has been linked with more youthful looking skin and hair growth!

One of the first signs of ageing is wrinkles and more worn looking skin, which is generally noticed on our faces. It is the fear of this inevitable aspect of ageing that fuels a large part of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Clinical research has assessed the anti-ageing benefits Spermidine has on skin. This study showed Spermidine to improve skin structure and barrier function, and rejuvenate ageing in skin in relation to collagen production, elastin and lipid levels in older skin cells (9). Spermidine is also promoted to boost hair growth and fight against hair loss. 

4. Improve reproductive fertility

Unsurprisingly, Spermidine may have benefits to male fertility. Spermidine plays an important role in generating sperm. In fact, fertile men have higher spermidine levels than men who are infertile (10). Additionally Spermidine may also improve fertility in men by optimising hormonal levels. Spermidine has been shown to reduce stress and oestradiol levels, and increase testosterone, which can improve sexual function (11).

In females, eggs in the ovaries can become damaged by reactive oxygen species (ROS) which builds up with age. ROS can cause female germline stem cells (FGSCs) in the ovaries to develop abnormally, which has undesirable effects on fertility. A study has shown Spermidine to reduce oxidative stress in female germline stem cells FGSCs, trigger autophagy and increase stem cell production in those treated for FGSCs (12).

Recommended Dosage of Spermidine

Now we know what Spermidine is, how it works and its benefits, it's important to know how to take it! We recommend 6mg per day of German Pharma Spermidine. This delivers a high and effective dosage of Spermidine. With no known side effects reported, Spermidine can be taken indefinitely.

Spermidine FAQ

What does Spermidine do? 

Spermidine is a polyamine compound that plays a crucial role in various cellular processes, including cell growth, DNA stabilization, and apoptosis (programmed cell death). It is involved in maintaining cell integrity and promoting longevity by supporting autophagy, a cellular recycling process. Spermidine has been studied for its potential health benefits, including anti-aging properties and neuroprotective effects. It is found in various foods, and its supplementation has been explored for potential therapeutic applications in age-related conditions

What are the side effects of Spermidine?

To date, no side effects have been reported. Many scientific investigations have demonstrated that Spermidine is very well tolerated by humans.

What is the best Spermidine supplement?

German Pharma is a reputable and recognised brand that has been shipping supplements world wide for many years. It has now created its own Spermidine supplement which is highly dosed at a very competitive price. Click here to buy German Pharma Spermidine. 

Can Spermidine make me look younger?

There is anecdotal and scientific evidence to suggest that Spermidine can fight against signs of ageing. Reduced wrinkles and healthier hair are some of the benefits associated with Spermidine.

Can Spermidine help me live longer?

Due to Spermidine molecular biology it triggers autophagy, which is the process of getting rid of useless, old and harmful cells. This can fight against the development of chronic disease and mimic the effects of fasting which is shown to promote longevity. 

When to take Spermidine?

Time of day isn’t a concern as it is not a stimulant or sedative. Take 2 caps daily with food. 

How much spermidine in sperm?

Spermidine content in seminal plasma is roughly 50 mg/L.

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